Full moon. I’ve always felt a kinship to her; maybe because my full legal name is Greek, and translates to one of the names for the Goddess of the Moon.
A dear friend reminded me that there is power in the full moon, and this was my time to set intentions. Honestly, all I’ve ever done during the full moon was admire her beauty and-when possible-race around with the roof down and revel in the moon beams
This time, I took a moment alone in the moonlight last night to set intentions for the coming month. I mean…what do I have to lose, right? Last night, in the moonlight, I allowed the following the sink into my mind and heart:
I want to let go of old hurts, and remember that old pains no longer have power over me…unless I let them. Nothing old can hurt me again.
To open my heart once more to the good things and good people, and embrace the good that I am shown.
And this…wow, this is a biggie. To remember that vulnerability is NOT a weakness. It is ok to show vulnerability to those I trust. Because I can’t do it all on my own, no matter how much I think I can (and I TOTALLY think I can shoulder every goddamn thing by myself). To remember that vulnerability is not an “all or nothing” proposition. I can choose who to let in and when to let them in. And coupled with that, to remember that human interactions contain humans. And humans make mistakes. The people that truly care are not intentionally trying to hurt me…but mistakes will happen, and hurts will occur. And those times, it is safe to share with these folks that I’m feeling hurt. And vice versa…I will sometimes be the one making the mistake and causing the hurt. Those times it is important to accept responsibility for that hurt and offer a heartfelt apology and actively seek forgiveness. After that…let it go.
And last night, in the moonlight, I could almost feel the calm and the transformation. I was able to open up and make a promise to someone who has become more important to me than I ever imagined.
I am hopeful that I can beat the so-called odds, and it will be a long while before I have to keep that promise.
Considering the intentions and the conversations last night…seeing the post below struck me right in the heart.
Here’s to letting go of things that no longer serve, and looking towards whatever the future holds, with a smile and an open heart and mind.