Not only am I a work in progress, so are many of the people I encounter. Not everyone, but probably most of them.
If I am a work in progress, and therefore must have patience with myself, shouldn’t I also have patience with almost everyone around me, since they too are likely a work in progress?
Not only should I forgive myself when I stumble and fall on this journey, I should seek to forgive others when their stumbles affect me. I should seek to understand, and not assume that their foible is a direct hit against me.
I was raised to mistrust almost everyone I met. To assume that any misstep was against me, personally. It is taking me a long, long time to undo this ingrained behavior. And to seek instead the good in almost everyone.
Then, does it not stand to reason that there are others out there also trying to undo a lifetime of erroneous beliefs? Trying to better themselves, and stumbling along the way…just like me.
And as I must have patience with myself when I fuck up royally, when I let my temper get the best of me, when I become impatient and react instead of stepping back to think…I should also have patience with the world at large, and with almost everyone in it.
And as I seek to forgive myself my mistakes and stumbles, and work on forgiving others…I can only hope that those I’ve thoughtlessly hurt when I’ve made a mistake can someday forgive me.