Traditional wisdom dictates when you end a relationship, you cut your hair or change your appearance somehow. And this makes sense to a degree; your life has changed, so you make some other changes for a fresh start.
Alternatively, you can go on some sort of break up diet where you waste away to skeletal proportions or gain so much weight that you’re unrecognizable.

Fuck that pussy ass shit. Fuck it HARD. Anyone can do that.

I am a strong and powerful badass. When I end a relationship, I don’t cut my hair. I don’t change my appearance. You want change? I WILL GIVE YOU MOTHERFUCKING CHANGE.

Tomorrow is my last day at a workplace I have grown to love over the last year and a half. I turned in my notice on what to many seemed like a whim and a poorly thought-out idea.
It wasn’t.
Like other changes I’ve made in the last three (Really? Only three?!) months, this is a total leap of faith. It’s complete and utter trust in the universe that this opportunity was placed before me at this time so I could act on it. If it wasn’t meant to be, I would not have gotten the job.
Just like if it wasn’t meant to be, I wouldn’t have found an apartment. If it wasn’t meant for me, my soon-to-be-former boss would not have been able to finagle a full-time position for me recently. And so on and so forth.

My life is usually not this chaotic. I tend to be a planner, an organizer, someone who tries to be prepared for everything. This is a residual of the past, and the need to be prepared was a way for me to feel safe and to calm my anxiety.

Guess what? My anxiety is sky-high right now. But I’m still here. So many things are up in the air. But I am breathing. I am getting it done, one step at a time, one day at a time.
Is this how surfers feel when they ride a bigass wave? Do skydivers get this same surge of adrenaline when they jump from the plane?

I made a conscious decision during August’s full moon to be more open and vulnerable. And that means open to change. I did not seek out this new job opportunity, interestingly. It literally fell into my lap…almost the way the job I am leaving did. And I don’t mean literally in the millennial way, I mean literally in the literal, actual way.

Am I nervous? Yes, but in a good way. Am I little worried? Of course; who wouldn’t be?! Am I doing it anyway? Hell to the fucking yeah I am. Hell to the fucking yeah.

Sometimes the things you want come when you least expect them. Maybe they come at the so-called wrong time.
I think there is no such thing as the wrong time. If what you sought has arrived, take the opportunity and run with it.