For the past three years, I’ve been turning over the idea of passion versus stability in ‘adult’ life. Are they mutually exclusive? Do you, at some point, have to choose between them? I initiated a conversation about this with a close friend around the time the idea popped into my mind. They indicated they’d been thinking the same. For some reason, the conversation was sidetracked. The topic never really came up again, and I haven’t yet run across anyone else who is struggling or has struggled with the same thought.It’s probably just as well because I don’t think those words, passion versus stability, convey exactly what I mean.I still don’t know if I have the right words, but this idea, this theory has been running around the back of my mind all this time. I’ve wanted to publish this line of thought-badly-because I wanted to know if I was alone in this idea. But it’s important to me that I use the right words so I can convey exactly what’s on my mind. Passion was not quite the right word, in my opinion. I mean, in my mind, I know what I mean. And that’s fine if I simply want to continue mulling it over alone. However, I wanted this out of my head and into cyberspace. Normally I’d say I want it on paper…but when was the last time I wrote with a pen and paper?? (it was October 2016…)The word passion often immediately brings to mind sexual passion. Sexual passion is not the entirety of what I mean-although it is important. What I mean is-well I guess an excitement for life. A curiosity about people, and things…willingness to learn something new, try new things, have new experiences…a zest for life I guess?? Although… that sounds so cliche. A willingness to have crazy adventures once in a while, just because you’re alive and you can.“…many people trade in living fully in their purpose for more ‘grown-up’ versions of life that range from the merely passable to the full-on sucking. They’ve bought into this idea that being responsible = not having fun anymore, that waking up feeling excited about life is for the young, and once we’re older, we need to trade that in, settle down, and be more ‘realistic.’” “I am talking about continuously living our dreams, no matter what stage of life we’re in, instead of settling for mediocrity because we don’t believe anything else is available or appropriate.”The two quotes above are from ‘You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life’ by Jen Sincero. As I read, those two quotes spoke to me immediately. They are almost exactly what I meant when I initially thought about passion versus stability. Waking up excited about something. Not every day, but often enough to put a fire in your eye, or a desire in your soul. I need this in my life. I feel truly alive when I have something to be excited about, something that makes my heart and soul happy. I can be passionate about something in my life, or about life in general, and still be a mostly responsible, stable adult. I don’t have to ‘settle’ for a life-or a job, or anything-that doesn’t stir my heart and soul in some way. And neither do you.You don’t HAVE to choose.You can have it all.