I still feel your arms around me,
Still hear the echoes of your voice.
How can I make you believe
That all I want is you?
The games I’ve been playing
Are long gone, long over;
now I want to drop this pretty facade
Bare my soul only to you
Give you a taste of these emotions
That eat away inside me.
My hands tremble, eyes fill with tears
Only for you.
My ears hear only your voice
My hands caress only your face.
How can I make you see
That all I want is you?
Even if this lasts only a moment-
I don’t care about the consequences;
I just want you to understand
That all I want is you
My dreams are only of you.
My smile is only for you.
My kiss is only for you.
Even if your eyes are blind,
Ears deaf, and fingertips numb;
I won’t stop until you know
That all I want is you.


(originally written 12/21/92 at 4 AM; never before published)